5 B2B lead nurturing strategies for agencies

One of our founders, Laura, was thrilled to feature on The Agency Collective’s blog, talking about lead nurturing strategies over 5 weeks. And for our dedicated Pitch121 audience… Here are all 5 tips to help your agency gain new and better business in 2022. The agency world is a competitive one. Even more so if you are targeting better-known brands with larger budgets. We’ve all been there, trying to build a relationship during the pitch, […]

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15 Best Practice Tips For Gaining New Clients… Using LinkedIn’s Premium Account, Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool, used well, it helps you identify specific people you would like in your network then it helps you to engage and connect with them. Once connected it can keep you updated with triggers that can spark up a conversation. Only through meaningful conversation will you convert people in your network into new business opportunities. There are millions of people on LinkedIn, your decision makers, influencers in your target […]

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Podcast for Agency Owners wanting to increase new business Episode 50 – Using your LinkedIn Profile

Podcast with Small Spark Studio

In this Small Spark Theory podcast, hosted by Lucy Mann, our co-founder Laura Hannan talks about building your profile, using LinkedIn and new business tips she has learnt from a career in sales, 15 years on LinkedIn and 3 years of running an agency. She is asked about: Sales Navigator Content overload Personal v. Company pages How to move the conversation onto something meaningful Tips and recommendations […]

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How To Increase Future Prospects Through Conversations That Convert

Conversations on LinkedIn

Conversations that convert. That’s the essence of what we do at Pitch121. But how does it work? The beginning is always a good place to start. By taking a step back, you can avoid the fatal mistake of approaching potential clients armed with a sales pitch.  Any switched-on business person is immediately suspicious when their inbox is flooded with people trying to sell them something. And nobody likes it. Why do we use it? So […]

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