Company profile

  • FinTech company based in Belgium selling into Europe
  • Created in 2007 by a group of scientists at HEC-University of Liege
  • Provide software for customer profiling, portfolio optimisation and risk management
  • 90+ employees across 4 offices in Europe
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FAN profile

  • Industries: Banking, Financial Services, Investment Management
  • Location: Luxembourg, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands & Singapore
  • Employee Count 200 – 10,000+
  • Target Job Roles: Heads, Directors and VPs of Savings, Investment,, Product, Innovation, Digital

*We translated the job titles from Spanish and French into their English equivalents to make sure that all their potential decision-makers were captured – some 500+ different job titles in all!

Their Story

  • Gambit Financial Solutions are a software business helping financial institutions to improve their customer profiling, portfolio optimisation and risk management all over Europe. They have more than 90 employees working in their headquarters in Belgium and four other offices across Europe.
  • Their target audience is key decision-makers at mid-large financial institutions. As they launched their new product, Birdee, they needed to find innovative individuals and companies that would be looking at Robo-Advisors as a way of reducing costs while giving reliable customer experiences.
  • That’s when Ken Van Eesbeek, Head of Sales & Professional Services, at Gambit Financial Solutions embarked on a profile-based marketing approach with Pitch121.


  • They needed to increase their awareness within the wider European market as well as in Asia and Latin America.
  • Ordinarily, they gained clients through referrals, in their native Belgian and, to expand, they needed some market awareness in new territories. They needed to quickly build trust with a new audience who had never heard of them.
  • The target audience was made up of senior decision-makers in Financial Services Industry, notoriously difficult to engage as they are flooded with irrelevant information and sales offers. To get their attention, you needed to look like someone who understands their market and the challenges they face in engaging their customers.

Our Solution

  • We optimised Ken’s profile clearly showing him as a networker, a presenter, and outlining a specific niche, how he helps banking with digitalising their investment offering.
  • We set up a group to invite new connections, so they would begin to speak to Ken as an advisor as opposed to a sales person to avoid.
  • We added value by sending content that is relevant to the audience.
  • We quickly moved onto email to set up calls and meetings

In just 6 months...

  • Gambit Fact 2
  • Gambit 1 Fact
  • Gambit Fact 3
  • Gambit Fact 4

What they said

  • We learnt a lot, and it generated interesting openings in new markets for us.  I would like to congratulate Pitch121 on the work done and the enthusiasm of the entire team. It has been a real delight to work with you guys!

    Ken Van Eesbeek
    Ken Van EesbeekGambit Financial Solutions

We used state-of-the-art soft selling techniques to enhance Gambit’s capabilities to:

  • Be seen and known in regions that were completely new to them
  • We supported the opening of their new office in Singapore
  • We doubled the size of Ken’s personal network
  • We opened up opportunities with 32 companies
  • We helped the team align their sales and marketing teams with our soft selling techniques

If you are entering a new market, or you have an audience that is difficult to sell to, then you have a challenge that we would love to help you with.

Please get in touch if you would like us to share our learning and advise you on your best approach.

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