Using twitter with LinkedIn for deeper prospect engagement

When building your new client relationships up from a standing start, first they need to know you.  You want them to start to like you, (from your posts, what you stand for, what your company does) and at some point, in time…  trust will be strong enough to buy from you.

As a customer, when you do a great job, they become your advocate.

Think ‘future advocate’ when you are at your standing start and selecting your targets.  When doing so, you are thinking about great fit clients that you do such a fantastic job for that they are bound to recommend you to others.

At Pitch121, we call the people you are reaching out to, your Future Advocate Network – your FANs.

Social selling requirements:

  • Great targeting is the key. I’ve written more on that subject here.
  • Conversations are two-way, and bespoke. Commonalities are key.  I’ve written more on that subject
  • Telling a story that takes your FAN from not knowing if they need your services right through to knowing you are the right people for the job – through a series of content pieces. I’ve written more on that subject

Once you have your story and your targeting and you are wanting to leverage everything you can to have that conversation, you will start to think about the platforms you are using.

Social selling platforms:

Building trust means seeing you in more than one place, on LinkedIn, on twitter, on email, anywhere else online, Instagram, facebook as well as in-person.  And if they don’t see you in person, they need to read about where you’ve been, the digital equivalent so they start to feel as know they know you.

So, your buyers are online, and …. They are speaking to thought leaders.

More on how to present yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn here.


Twitter is a great platform to demonstrate that you have original ideas.  A lot of your buyers engage with people on this platform.

Most of the business owners, and company directors we speak to are not active on twitter, but even if you are not, here are some really easy ways that you can maximise twitter to help with your LinkedIn-centred social selling campaigns.

  • Use the same image for your profile across the two platforms, so you can easily be recognised across the two.
  • Look at a group of your FANs – the people you have chosen to target on LinkedIn, and even without connecting you can see who have connected their twitter handles – probably about 10% – and you can try to find other twitter handles with their email
  • Make a list of the twitter handles and follow your FANs on twitter, and note those that follow back


  • Drop your FAN a note on LinkedIn to say “thanks for the follow”
  • FAN writes back, you observe something from their profile or about their company to start a conversation in reply (Keep it short and hold back… I’ve written more about this approach
  • Unfollow those that didn’t follow back – you can always repeat that exercise again in the future, but next month, you will have your next batch of FANs and a whole new set of twitter handles to follow
  • Keep the FANs that follow you on twitter on a private list, and add to your Hootsuite or similar – occasionally, like and retweet your FANs posts keeping you front of mind. More on other ways to keep front of mind on LinkedIn here.
  • When you have something original to say or share, do so, and name one of your followers / FANs who will find what you say useful or interesting
  • For the rest of twitter, experiment with some keywords so you have a tight search term to keep an eye on anyone asking their network for recommendations for your type of product or service (Word of caution, do this exercise and leave it – twitter is like a black hole of time for sales people!)
  • When you find the recommendation request, like their comment, follow them, and find them on LinkedIn
  • Send a connection request to say you saw them on twitter and you’d like to share your experiences on the subject.
  • When conversing, always remember to hold back from the sales pitch, get them talking about what they are looking for, so you can qualify and when they ask you what you do, you can arrange to go and meet them

I know there is so much more that twitter can do, but if you just do these basics above it will help to increase the results from your LinkedIn social selling.

Rather than logging down the twitter handles of your LinkedIn FANs one by one, Pitch121 can help.  Send us the url of your search from LinkedIn and we will send you the twitter handle of a sample of your most active FANs.

Contact [email protected] and ask for twitter handles.

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