Why can’t they all be Dream Clients?

It is quite clear why we want dream clients.  Dream clients stay, so lifetime value is high and your sales and marketing ROI is increased.  They refer you to others, and advocate your services making it easier to sell to more dream clients.

What makes a dream client? I think we can narrow it down to these four things:

  • Your staff loves them, and they are excited about working with them
  • They are profitable, it stays within scope and you deliver on time
  • They are strategically important and will lead onto greater things for your business
  • Your work with them is successful, you bring them ROI and they are happy

Now, consider your approach to sales.  Where are you going to look for your clients?

  • Referrals, you’ve done a great job and you’ve been recommended
  • Asking a volume of people if they are interested in buying from you
  • Leads that are generated through your website from marketing activity
  • From your sales people, or founders’ network of associatesdream client

If you drill in to what you do in each of these areas, are you looking only for dream clients?  

The answer is probably no, yet if your business had nothing but dream clients how amazing would that be?

Think companies, and then individuals…

  • What do your previous dream clients have in common?
  • What did your unprofitable or difficult clients have in common?

Once you have found the common characteristics then is your business set up to only work with dream clients?

  • Are your sales people incentivised to turn down bad business?
  • Are the lost deals, and lost clients analysed and is the information available cross-departments?
  • Are marketing producing collateral for the same dream clients as your sales are approaching
  • Most of all – is your lead generation targeted on dream clients, or is it a ‘volume play’ looking for people ready to buy, right now.

A good place to start is to understand how big your universe is, as if you need to sell to 100 clients, then perhaps you only need a universe of 1000.  Then, to know where they are, how to approach, who else is in the space, and how to cut through.

You could answer our short 7 question quiz about your dream clients, and we will create a free report on how big is your universe and how best to approach them.

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