Why is LinkedIn banning automation tools?

For the past year, the term social selling has been trending and increasing at the same rate as the use of automation tools for LinkedIn. Using technology to do your job better, is a good thing. LinkedIn itself as a platform falls into this category.

So, why has LinkedIn gone to so much trouble to remove the automation tools that work alongside their own?


We’ve all had it.

Connect?  I just want to grow my network.

Thanks for connecting, SALES PITCH BLAST.

(How disappointing, we thought this one was different.)


The thing with the volume play lead gen is that it works.  

Throw enough out there, you will happen to come across the few that just so need your product or service at that point in time, which encourages the spammers to send even more, annoying everyone else in the process.

With 250 million active users, that’s a lot of volumes to rinse. (There are actually 500 million on the platform, the other half have probably been put off by the spammers)

And this will be why LinkedIn is banning automation tools.  

If those tools had been used by all with great care, it might not have come to the cat and mouse game that it is today.  

As is often the case, it is not the technologies at fault, it is their use.  In the right hands, the technology can ensure that each person and company is relevant, that they see or are sent exactly the right sort of valuable content, and they are able to pick it up passively on profiles, groups, and hashtags.  The technology can tell you who is engaged with your content, and you can message only those who have shown interest.  

Problem is, it takes more effort, and it’s harder to do.

Social selling ought not to be selling to as many people as you can on social media.

Social selling is using social media to attract new business, and there is a difference. 

It requires the pull, or the two-way, rather than push and promote.

As an organisation that promotes the benefits of LinkedIn for new business, the news is good for us.  Our clients stand out because they build communities, they show interest, they look at how they can help, they ask permission, and they share valuable content.  

As a result, new buying conversations are triggered over time and more naturally, by being clear on what you do and how you can help on your profile, and staying front of mind through your profile updates, your group shares, your company page updates.

For some time now, I’ve been concerned about the high volume approach taken by social selling firms that will result in people not using the platform, so we congratulate LinkedIn for taking the step to improve the quality of communication on the platform, keeping our relationships human, useful, and two-way.  Just as it was intended.


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