Company profile

  • Start-up technology platform
  • Changing the traditional model
  • Headquartered in Iceland, selling into the Nordics, UK and eventually rest of Europe
  • Need to show early results to investors and stakeholder
  • Freemium model for individual lite use
  • Enterprise version for municipalities

FAN profile

  • Therapists in small clinics; OR
  • Privately-run or government education and healthcare
  • Nordics – focus on Denmark
  • Traditional businesses with a primary focus on people care and therapy

Their Story

  • The Founder was an elected politician in Reykjavik City Council and the department of education, and could see how difficult it was to provide therapy and support for students who really needed it but they lived in remote areas or could not go to school. She quit politics and set up a online speech therapy clinic that could help people remotely, reaching now 44 schools.
  • In building technology to support her therapy, she realised that therapists worldwide would benefit from using the same technology, so she launched the platform so any therapist anywhere can offer remote therapy sessions. The platform has office / calendar / multiple payment facilities and can be used by everyone from a sole trader therapist to a hospital or education group with security as a main theme.


  • New geography (Rest of Nordics – existing network was primarily in Iceland)
  • New way of doing things, so education needed
  • Diverse audience FAN profile
  • Multi-lingual

Our Solution

  • Helping the founder to tell her story on LinkedIn to get good connections and people buying in to the story
  • Translate job titles into Danish as well as English versions
  • Use a multi-stakeholder approach for the larger municipalities
  • Set up the LinkedIn group, inviting existing connections
  • Share the ‘Why I set up Kara story’ and nurture for 3 months
  • Let the FANs know when the Founder was visiting Copenhagen to make it sound infrequent and set up meetings

With under 6 months’ of service

What they said

  • This is phenomenal, I knew it was a good approach, but I’ve been surprised at how quickly we have been able to fill my diary for my trips to Copenhagen.  The team is really amazing, understood the task quickly, are proactive and have given me good advice. Highlight so far, is the meeting with Nelson Mandela’s daughter who promptly arranged for me to speak about Kara at her event in Denmark… in front of lots of new FANs.

    Thorbjorg Helga Vigfusdóttir
    Thorbjorg Helga VigfusdóttirKara Connect

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