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15 Best practice tips for gaining new clients

... using LinkedIn’s Premium Account, Sales Navigator

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool, used well, it helps you identify specific people you would like in your network then it helps you to engage and connect with them.

Once connected it can keep you updated with triggers that can spark up a conversation.

Only through meaningful conversation will you convert people in your network into new business opportunities.  There are millions of people on LinkedIn, your decision makers, influencers in your target accounts, and people who will share and promote your content.

If you have recently upgraded your LinkedIn account to leverage the platform for sales using Sales Navigator or Sales Navigator Teams, then read on for quick tips to help you make the most of your subscription.

If you are an old hand at Sales Navigator, you may know some of these, but with constant platform changes, you may want to read on to get a fresh perspective.

Our experience comes from testing lots of approaches.  We manage dozens of LinkedIn profiles across different industries globally.

Here are my top tips to leverage the power of Sales Navigator.

As you can search for people by their job title, industry, number of full-time employees, geography, it is very tempting to just search in the ‘Leads Search’.  However, your results will not be as accurate.

The industry does not reliably transfer from your current role, as people edit that themselves on their personal profiles.  I, for example, say that I work in “Marketing & Advertising”.  I do, but equally, a Marketing Director at a Pharmaceutical company may say the same thing.

However, if you were looking to connect with a Pharma Marketing Director, you’d be looking for people in the industry ‘Pharmaceutical’.

So, wherever you have a demographic search of accounts, always go ‘Account First’.  

Save to a custom list, then search for the people that work within those accounts.

However, just to throw a spanner in the works, we have discovered something that is affecting the accuracy of Sales Navigator results.

I’m going to demonstrate a search in the Lead Search for people that work in a custom list.  I have added just 3 companies into my custom list so it is easy to see anomalies.


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