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A few hundred active monthly users and no visibility outside Iceland.

What They Did

Founder Thorbjorg and Pitch121 grew Thorbjorg’s network, visibility and credibility with clinicians, commissioners and practice managers.

We managed conversations to pack Thorbjorg’s diary with meetings, enabling her to expand activities into Denmark while still based in Iceland.


x6 users and x7 revenue in 18 months. Firmly established in Denmark, now expanding to Norway, the UK and Ireland.

This is phenomenal, I knew it was a good approach, but I’ve been surprised at how quickly we have been able to fill my diary for my trips to Copenhagen. The team is really amazing

Kara Connect



New business arm in the UK – no brand awareness outside the Nordics.

What They Did

With Head of Partnerships Mark Fuller, we carefully compiled target lists of potential Europe-wide partners and segmented them into groups by technology platforms. Contacts attending sector events were invited to meet in person, while others were approached with valuable content.


Secured 65 partner meetings from 275 online conversations in the first five months.

The Pitch121 team have been very adaptable and put in the groundwork to ensure the companies we contact are correct for us … As well as reaching out to new types of partners, they are also helping me to stay front of mind with the connections we’ve made so far.

Mark Fuller
Valitor Partnerships



Dependent on referrals for new business, struggling to get in front of new prospects.

What We Did

Together, we targeted European brand managers with high-value, useful content through conversations. We expanded co-founder Stuart’s network by more than 1,200, including 20-30 contacts at each of Missouri’s top ten target companies.


A pipeline of new business worth around £250,000 – including a global deal with the Jim Beam whisky brand and a place on their agency roster.

I now have an asset – a network of exciting potential clients; full of decision-makers from huge global brands that have seen our work and know our skills. We are being invited to pitch for large international projects. Pitch121 is now an integral part of our new business strategy.

Stuart Wood
Missouri Creative



Customer Software Development agency growing organically through both direct and partner work

What They Did

Pitch121 found agencies that did not have a full in-house development team and using the the co-founders personal profile we connected to 682 potential partners.

Leveraged email alongside LinkedIn to use the Founders credibility to set up meetings with the Company’s new Sales and Marketing Director.


54 agencies interested in a call, 3 agencies delivered briefs, 1 project won worth £70k

Pitch121 has secured us new partners and in so doing, has opened up new partnerships and opportunities for us. We have seen how they use their many years’ sales experience (particularly in our field) with a sprinkling of tech to track and report efficiently. I would highly recommend the team.

Lewis Boyles – White

Is This You?

  • Old fashioned lead generation hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • Established ways of prospecting exhaust your market too quickly and irritate contacts
  • Getting new business from referrals alone is too slow to grow your business
  • Leads move too slowly through your sales funnel
  • You need prospects to trust you personally before they will even have a call with you

Sounds familiar? This is the reality of most B2B selling today. Break out of the old, inefficient business development cycle with a new approach…

Pitch121 Presents




Less than 5% of your ideal customers are in buying mode today. If you win the trust of the remaining 95% now, you and your service will be front of mind when it’s time for them to buy it. Trust is built on relationships, and Pitch121’s cross-channel, multi-touchpoint, conversation-led approach to building trust, familiarity and goodwill has been proven to deliver results, again and again.


From the moment we started working to now, 7 months in, the proactiveness, and professionalism of the whole team has been second to none. My network has grown by 67% and 38% of my new FANbase have already engaged with us. Pitch121 really know LinkedIn and in managing my profile, they have also helped the whole team to be more active on the platform

Edward Belgeonne (Test 1, Test 2)

We learnt a lot, and it generated interesting openings in new markets for us. I would like to congratulate Pitch121 on the work done and the enthusiasm of the entire team. It has been a real delight to work with you guys!

Ken Van Eesbeek

Pitch121 have been the primary source of leads for our tech start up in our first year of business. The team have been great to work with, always going the extra mile and really caring about the success of my campaign

Danny Witter

We have been using Pitch121 to connect with CEOs from my LinkedIn profile. This new way of approaching people is totally out of the box. This is the best way we have found so far to develop our business in the UK

Alexis Grabar

Pitch121 are a great group of people that have been a pleasure to work with. They have worked hard to understand our business and identify the correct prospects to try and drive leads, engagement and conversations.

James Kaye

Pitch 121 delivers good, useful results and is a welcome addition to any lead marketing mix.rnrnIt takes a little time to get going and requires a little more input from the client-side than most agency services due to the nature of the thing. However, once you get in the rhythm of things, the experience is very satisfying overall.

Paul Smith

We’ve been working with Pitch121 for 18 months and their work continues to be an integrated part of our marketing strategy. The copywriting is fantastic with over 150,000 views on my posts in the last 5 months; It is always topical and well-informed on the latest omnichannel and retail trends. We’ve seen tangible results from their profile based marketing technique, landing regular meetings with some of the biggest names in retail such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, GANT and Burberry plus linking up and engaging with many Microsoft senior account and industry managers/directors globally.

Tony Bryant

I’ve worked with Pitch 121 over three different companies and I strongly recommend them. They have helped our company with thought-leadership social posts and ABM research and have done an excellent job. Their team members are friendly, helpful and go out of their way to offer value-add to our organisation.

Neil Jarvis

I think Pitch 121 have been fantastic to work with. They are a lovely team and have done wonders with my LinkedIn. They produced far more leads than I thought and have been overall really happy with the service they provide.

Kate Green

Pitch 1-2-1 provided excellent service during our time working together. Their approach was different and the results exceeded my expectations. The account team worked hard and delivered great connections and superb content to use on my account. Would recommend.

Simon Prince

Pitch 121 delivers good, useful results and is a welcome addition to any lead marketing mix.rnrnIt takes a little time to get going and requires a little more input from the client-side than most agency services due to the nature of the thing. However, once you get in the rhythm of things, the experience is very satisfying overall.

Paul Rathmayr

We got off to a very slow start with Pitch121 but they finally put a great account manager onto our business and things have changed dramatically. We have a good working relationship and they now have a better understanding of our business and ideal target audience. My personal profile has been raised massively as has our company. The leads are now starting to come through nicely after several months

Duncan McCrum

Pitch121 has surpassed expectations in terms of the quality and number of leads we are receiving, and we have already created income after only 1 month. A great job by a great team !

Judy Oliver


Build Trust At Scale

Grow your business faster than on referrals alone

Total visibility over who’s ready to talk to you when

What You’ll Get

Dedicated Expert Team

We allocate each client a dedicated Social Selling Executive, Content Writer and Account Manager to ensure that your results are always improving, every month.

Constant Engagement Activity

Every day, your team produces messages and posts, engages with your targets’ activities, and handles live conversations for you in real time.

Cutting Edge Best Practice

Everything we do is directed towards getting better results out of Profile Based Marketing with LinkedIn and email. Our experts do the research, run the tests and find what works best for your audience.

New Relationships Based on Trust

We will build you a bigger, more engaged, closely targeted network that wants to talk to you – and you’ll be able to see who in your network is ready to buy from you.


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