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Creating Conversations That Convert

Find out how we win you trust at scale with
 your ideal future customers.

Creating Conversations That Convert

Trust Is The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Your Network. Find Out How We Win You Trust At Scale With Your Ideal Future Customers.

Who We Work With

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How we do it?
Pitch121 Presents:

Conversations that convert!

Pitch121 is a lead nurturing service built on the philosophy of attraction based marketing. We can take your online LinkedIn presence and amplify it – that means:

A larger, professional network Influential and periodic posting A soft social selling outreach campaign.

Designed to position you as a LinkedIn thought leader and help your best future clients find you easily.


Brand Awareness


Lead Nurturing


Employee Advocacy


Social Selling

We see you!

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What can Pitch121 help you to achieve?

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Build Trust At Scale

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Grow your business faster than on referrals alone

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Total visibility over who is ready to talk to you and when

Our Brilliant team will provide

Dedicated Expert Team

We allocate each client a dedicated Social Selling Executive, Content Writer and Account Manager to ensure that your results are always improving, every month.

Constant Engagement Activity

Every day, your team produces messages and posts, engages with your targets’ activities, and handles live conversations for you in real time.

Cutting Edge Best Practice

Everything we do is directed towards you getting better results through employee advocacy, lead nurturing and brand awareness techniques through LinkedIn. Our experts do the research, run the tests and find what works best for your audience.

New Relationships Based on Trust

We will build you a bigger, more engaged, closely targeted network that wants to talk to you – and you’ll be able to see who in your network is ready to buy from you.

If you would like to find out how many of your potential customers are on LinkedIn

Contact Details:

Employee Advocacy enables you to understand, engage and build relationships with your target audience at the speed of social, alongside your employee networks.

We know it costs 5x more to acquire new business. As budgets get tighter and lead conversion become tougher, retaining and speaking to your warm networks will help you to keep your marketing and sales strategies alive and ensures you gain traction with your key accounts.

Employee advocacy provides businesses with the opportunity to:

  • Resonate with key target accounts
  • Generate Warm Leads
  • Drive brand recognition
  • Gain traction with a warm network
  • Grow your trusted network thorough peer to peer connection and conversation
  • Attract great talent for your business
  • Support, establish and nurture existing partnerships
  • To be seen and heard – We know people buy from people they know, like and trust

The majority of your customers, potential hires and existing employees use social media in some form. We know that half the worlds population are now using some form of social media.

76% of buyers are ready to have a social media conversation with potential providers.

As a result platforms such as LinkedIn are fine tuning their algorithm towards building – deeper network connections, relevant conversations and connection.

Employee Advocacy enables you to work with your employee networks at the speed of social, whilst winning new business in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Employee advocacy ensures that your content, when shared through an employee network, compounds over time. This often happens through LinkedIn reactions, comments or shares.

Every time you connect to somebody new, they will visit your feed and take a look through your posts. When you attend an online event or even comment on the post of somebody in your network, you are visible. Social Media continues to work hard for you – even when you are getting a good night’s sleep.

There is always a place for Paid Ads within a Marketing Strategy. The success of your paid ads will depend on your image or video, the copy that you use, what you are promoting and who you are targeting. And when all of the hard work of putting your Paid Ad together has reached a natural end – the Paid Ad will stop performing for you, right there and then – the moment the end date has been reached or when you hit “stop”

If faced with a choice, choose the option that will compound and continue to work for you over and over again.

We prefer to see this as using “what you have” to grow your business and hit your revenue targets, using existing warm networks and with the support of your employees, creating peer to peer connection with key accounts


Acquiring new business, which we know costs 5x more, whilst spending valuable time nurturing a cold network, establishing your credibility via tonnes of references and case studies and creating content you “hope” will meet your prospects where they are.

Employee Advocacy is a much smarter, more efficient use of time, money and resource.

You don’t have to believe us – look for #pitch121 via LinkedIn to see our employee advocacy programme working hard for us.

For employees:

  • Grow your professional network
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with potential partners, customers and future team members
  • Develop peer to peer relationships
  • Strengthen your personal LinkedIn brand
  • Advocate the company that you work for
  • Create exciting personal and professional opportunities
  • To help connect the company you work for with the very people who need the service or product that you have to offer

Employee Advocacy is simply a way of sharing content about your business with the support and help of your employees.

We would suggest working with members of your team who are best placed to connect and reach those in your target companies. We would also suggest that your team members are keen advocates for the business and willing to use their network to raise the profile of the business.

Our fabulous Social Media Copywriters can work with you and your marketing teams to leverage your content, re-purpose or create new content which can then be used across your employee profiles.

Feel free to click on the get in touch buttons on this page and connect with our Client Director.

With over 822 million users on LinkedIn, we are pretty sure your target audience is hiding amongst this huge number.

Our Market Maps will help you to understand the how many target companies are available on LinkedIn and the best approach to reach them using an employee advocacy strategy.

Feel free to click here to complete the short questionnaire and a member of the Pitch121 will create your personalised market map and send it across to you.