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See how Pitch121 created a successful recruitment pipeline for The Legal Director.

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We reached out to hundreds of lawyers that met The Legal Director's hiring standards, qualified them through personal conversation, and put the best candidates into the recruitment funnel.

Conversations That Convert

We realised the key to a successful recruitment campaign would be increasing the brand's presence online. With more information about The Legal Director available on LinkedIn, senior-level, high quality candidates were already 'warm' before beginning the interview process.
In 3 months, Pitch121 secured:

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The Legal Director is the leading provider of flexible legal services to businesses of all sizes. They support all sectors, from small to medium enterprises that don’t have the budget for full-time in-house legal resources to larger corporations that need an experienced lawyer to handle business-as-usual work. Businesses that partner with TLD get the expertise they need without the hefty law firm price tag.

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How Did We Find The Fans?

We started with the ideal candidate - how many years of experience did they have, what kind of knowledge base would they need, etc. We then expanded upon that list to different locations, opening up new hiring opportunities for TLD.

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People Not Personas

The copywriters at Pitch121 had 150+ conversations with potential candidates. We asked qualifying questions and gauged interests, so we only passed along the best leads to the TLD hiring team.

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We work with our clients to make sure goals are completely aligned. From James Mallender, Director at The Legal Director: "Our work became more of a partnership, which worked well for me because it held me accountable for advancing candidates through our recruitment process."

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Brand Awareness

Through James' profile, we promoted TLD brand initatives. Posts by Pitch121 received 11x more reactions and 20x more comments than previous posts - thats an average of 15x more engagement!


The Legal Director has specific hiring metrics. To succeed, they need lawyers, general counsel, and solicitors with years of experience under their belt and a wealth of general legal knowledge. This proved tricky for TLD to do themselves, as any lawyer with specialised knowledge in a niche industry wouldn’t be a good fit for their team, but any lawyer who has stayed with one firm for a long time might be reluctant to leave for a new business model.


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We used our LinkedIn and Sales Navigator knowledge to create detailed batches of The Legal Director’s perfect candidates. We also ventured to target potential candidates outside of the UK, which was a first for TLD. Our insight paid off – this latest international batch is already showing signs of success.

Within the conversations on LinkedIn, our copywriters qualified suitable candidates to help streamline the process. Only candidates that hit certain benchmarks would be entered into the TLD recruitment pipeline. 

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New Connections

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“I’ve found the Pitch121 process very professional and more scientific than I originally thought. Our work became more of a partnership, which worked well for me because it held me accountable for advancing candidates through our recruitment process. Both myself and the Pitch121 understood that this was a new market for their teams, and I appreciated the honesty in how they approached the issue and reported on their work. It soon became clear it was a successful venture in terms of building a pipeline.”

- James Mallender, Director at The Legal Director

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Candidates projected to join The Legal Director


In total, we had 27 meeting interests. Of those 27, 23 were confirmed to have shown up to a meeting with James Mallender. Of those 23, there are 5 extremely strong candidates and are in the pipeline to work at The Legal Director. Their lead time to hire is typically long, so these candidates will be in the final stages of the recruitment process during Q1 of 2023.

The TLD hiring team has confirmed that 2 of the senior-level candidates qualified by Pitch121 will be signing on in January of 2023 and 3 others are looking to come on board this year.

Creating Conversations that Convert

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