Profile Based Marketing is a key part of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

I’ve written about whether your business should be using ABM here, but in short, it is a technique commonly used when both your sales and marketing have the same list of target accounts. The marketing team create content just for them, and the sales team are able to make sure that stakeholders see this, and understand how you can help them in their role, in the context of their company. The idea is to engage many stakeholders from the same company to get wider buy-in and quicker sales cycles.

We do not market or sell to the ‘company’, we are selling to the stakeholders within the company, decision makers and influencers.

Relationships needs to be built between the person in your company with the person in their company. One-to-one, building trust and understanding how you can help them.

Profile Based Marketing is when you are able to connect with, engage, and share laser focused content pieces that takes that profile (or stakeholder) through an understanding of how you can help them and their department.

You are increasing awareness person by person, until all the main stakeholders in a company know what you do, who you are, and how you can help them.

Profile Based Selling might go straight in with the sales ask. We believe Profile Based Marketing is a little more subtle than that. Profile Based Marketing nurtures and educates, takes time, always leaving the door open for a discussion when the time is right.

Profile Based Marketing takes the Stakeholder through a journey of discovery, until they are interacting with your content, filling out your quiz, attending your webinar, downloading your ebook, until (pre-sales meeting) they are already an advocate for what you do.

Do this with all your stakeholders, and your sales opportunities will close easier as you have a wider buy-in.

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