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How Pitch121 packed out Sledge MD Sarah’s diary with 321 new, qualified connections

Pitch121’s tailored approach to creating conversations that convert generated 35 meetings with key targets in the first 3 months.

Conversations That Convert

Pitch121 found, reached out to, and engaged hundreds of decision-makers in Sledge’s target market using MD Sarah’s profile as a means of drawing them into conversation. In 3 months we secured:

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New Connections

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Meetings agreed

Sledge is a strategic content and events agency, which creates award-winning live and virtual experiences globally. In the second half of 2021, they wanted to get onto the radar of big finance and telecoms businesses as events were beginning to be planned once again. Pitch121’s challenge was to find the right people to talk to at these businesses, establish Sarah’s credentials as a thought leader and proactive networker in the events space, and then connect and engage with them as a means of securing introductory meetings.


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How Did We Find The Fans?

A combination of LinkedIn expertise, technology, and a rigorous eye for detail meant we only targeted the perfect prospects.


People Not Personas

Once we made contact, we engaged on a bespoke, 1-to-1 basis, treating Fans as human beings

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Lead Nurture

Pitch121’s challenge was to establish Sarah as a thought leader and proactive networker in the events space


Tailoring our approach

Pitch121’s tailored approach to creating conversations that convert generated 35 meetings with key targets in the first 3 months

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As the Covid-19 pandemic began to ease in late 2021, Sledge needed to re-establish its presence and make the case for live events. But in doing so, it was important to make it clear that Sledge is not a production company. It is in fact a creative agency that works with clients to identify their strategic goals and what it is they need to achieve, and then develops a creative solution and suitable messaging. Working alongside conventional PR and marketing partners, Pitch121 was engaged to build up Sarah’s personal profile as part of an account based marketing strategy.



Ideal Fans Identified

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Joined Sarah’s Network

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Constructive Conversations




Pitch121 studied Sledge’s activities and Sarah’s published content to understand her business, her expertise, and tone of voice.
We optimised her LinkedIn Profile to make it highly discoverable by and appealing to the target personas.
We also wrote and published posts on Sarah’s behalf, securing thousands of views of her content in Fans’ news feeds. In addition, we engaged with the content of other LinkedIn users in the targeted spaces to increase Sarah’s presence.
Only then did we begin to reach out to ideal connections, who had been exposed to Sarah’s profile over a period of weeks.

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Great service and great team to work with, really simplify the process and take all the challenges out of building a network

- Sarah Yeats, Managing Director, Sledge

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This careful preparation paid off big time. Over the six month period this case study covers, we expanded Sarah’s LinkedIn network by 321 – all of whom were ideal target Fans for Sledge.
Our unique approach – creating familiarity before contact and then using skilled social media copywriters to engage on LinkedIn “as” Sarah – meant that 96 of those new connections had a conversation with her. 35 of those in turn converted into meetings, after we added value to the relationship with the Fan by sharing content. 82% of those we shared content with agreed to a meeting.

Creating Conversations that Convert

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