LinkedIn Company Pages – How to Get More Followers

Last week, we ran a webinar – “5 reasons to increase your LinkedIn company page followers… and 5 ways to do it”.

Here’s a quick summary of what we discussed:

The WHYs:

  • If you are doing outreach at all, and you want future clients to think the best of your company, you have to have a good Company Page.  Everything needs to ‘stack up’ behind you. Why - Webinar Blog
  • It’s a great media for sharing any important updates or announcements about your company with your network, without them visiting your website
  • You can be found through search, or worse, you may not be found through search for keywords as obvious as your company name
  • Your Company Page on LinkedIn is a springboard for (valuable) visits to your website
  • LinkedIn’s continuously upgrades of new features, such as live videos, events and trending could one day, make your website less important.  Quality pages are often offered features that average pages don’t get to use.

The HOWs:

  • Publish valuable and informative content, rich in variety of topics and using different formats (video, slideshare, How Webinar Blogimages of the team, to draw potential clients to follow your company page
  • Make your colleagues with good connections, admins of the page so they can invite their connections
  • Direct Message people personally to (nicely) ask them to follow your page
  • Post frequently and consistently on your personal profile to get more profile views, which will result in more visitors on your company page
  • Share updates from your company page, on  your personal profile


In the bonus material

  • Use your community hashtags on your page to comment as your brand
  • Consider if you are going to advertise from your Company page, how much more appealing your page will be with organic followers, AND, social proof that your connections follow that page

If you’d like to hear these tips and advice first-hand, the 15 minute webinar recording is HERE

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