The Ultimate LinkedIn Strategy: Unifying Your Team’s Voice

The ultimate strategy on Linkedin

The vast ocean of LinkedIn can sometimes make the most resonant of brand messages seem like mere ripples. 🌊 

This article outlines a LinkedIn strategy that will ensure that your brand’s voice doesn’t just echo, seen by colleagues and the same crowd of connections; but resonates loudly in the direction of your target audience.

The Power of Cohesion

Every individual in a company possesses unique talents, insights, and connections. Much like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each has its distinct shape and design. Yet, when pieced together cohesively, they reveal a complete, powerful image.

LinkedIn is no different. A cohesive strategy that unifies your team’s collective voice can take your brand’s visibility to exponential heights. The difference between being ‘generally active’ on LinkedIn and having a coordinated approach is similar to the difference between scattered rays of light and a laser beam.

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Why Strategy Matters

Being ‘generally active’ might seem enough. After all, isn’t the whole point of LinkedIn to just connect and post? Well, not quite. Let’s take an anecdotal detour.

Last year, we started to manage a number of personal profiles for a client. Their initial approach was more about individual brilliance, elevating the subject matter expertise of their colleagues. 

Over time, as their team began operating under a unified LinkedIn strategy, the transformation was evident within mere months. Their content didn’t just get views; it was seen by the companies on their target list.  Through lead nurturing they built relationships, and most importantly, secured participants for their research and new business leads.

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Tools to Aid Your Strategy

While the foundation of your LinkedIn success lies in cohesion, tools like TeamLink on Sales Navigator can be game-changers. It doesn’t just let you peek into your colleague’s networks but opens doors to meaningful connections. Imagine if your MD, CTO, COO, and sales team were all strategically connected to the decision-making committee of your target accounts. Your brand would be omnipresent, constantly on their feed, reminding them of the problems your company can solve for them.

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Steps to Achieve Cohesiveness:

  • Audit Team Profiles: Ensure each team member’s profile aligns with the brand message and showcases their unique expertise. To improve your LinkedIn profile check our blog post about how to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Coordinate Content: Curate content that resonates with your target audience and ensure all team members share or engage with it to amplify reach.
  • Connect and follow up: With people working in your target companies.
  • Engage Regularly: Beyond posting, engage with connections through comments, shares, and messages.
  • Utilise Tools: Leveraging tools like TeamLink by Sales Navigator can help you share lists of connected leads so other team members can also connect with them.

Dive In!

Unifying your LinkedIn strategy can seem daunting, but the results are more than worth the effort. Remember, individual brilliance is incredible, but its force when channeled cohesively on LinkedIn is unmatched.

Are you ready to amplify your brand’s voice with a cohesive LinkedIn strategy? Dive in and start with a profile audit. 

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