When Will I See Results on my LinkedIn Profile?

We all dream of that viral posting moment – the glory when our name is finally out there on LinkedIn… Followed by the eruption of LinkedIn notifications with prospects interested in your work! 

But like all great things, your LinkedIn marketing strategy will take a bit of groundwork. Pitch121 wants to offer full transparency to all of our clients, so here’s a little insight into how we can head up your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


The results of a successful post equate to recognition, which is invaluable in a LinkedIn marketing strategy. We want our clients to be the first choice in their field, an expert and a thought leader. Posts cultivate a soft touch and keep us front of mind to prospects. Pure engagement with the face behind the company is ultimately how audiences will buy into a product.

Why do post results matter? Two reasons: Pitch121 wants to work with the results. Posts accommodate a LinkedIn profile and keep it active, but while we have engagement, we want to create relationships. This occurs by engaging with post-likers, comments, poll voters, resharers, similar content, and LinkedIn groups.

We want our clients to be the first choice in their field

Secondly, post results matter because they measure how much your network is growing and determine whether your LinkedIn marketing strategy needs to be adapted, which is something we’re always re-evaluating. 

So when can you expect to see results? We often predict a sudden spike once posting becomes active, and then we can start to find a rhythm. Dipping is normal when we are finding our feet and determining your LinkedIn marketing strategy. After 3 months, we will have an accurate result of where your numbers stand and what works for your profile, allowing us to strategise and increase your definitive post stats. Which will undoubtedly catch the eye of your colleagues, as well as prospects.

Nailing the Outreach

For every targeting batch, we review who we are targeting and what we want to communicate to these fans (Future Advocacy Networkers). The result of nailing the messaging and targeting is that we will get conversations going with the right people, all while authentically being you throughout the entire LinkedIn marketing strategy.  

We jump right in with sales targeting. Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of where you have seen the best results, your ideal customers, and who should be excluded, and we provide our recommendations on areas to explore and broaden your search. Then, your dedicated Social Selling Executive begins assembling a list of contacts to target for our initial batch of outreach.

Copy of Pitch121 LinkedIn Banner

Once we’ve established who you are reaching out to, your dedicated copywriter will write a tailored and bespoke message template, in line with your first set of targeting. We’ll make sure it portrays your voice in the most genuine way possible.

Positive responses will be an indication of how successful your LinkedIn marketing strategy is. This progress is something that you will see during our ‘ramp-up’ period of months 1-3, where we can see interest emerge as soon as 1 week into outreach. 

We want our outreach to be as organic as possible, so we don’t want to bombard your network with messages, meaning that initially, at the start of each batch results wouldn’t be naturally instantaneous. We want to nail your brand voice, so we might adjust messaging in the first run, but once we’re in the rhythm of things, our outreach will be measurable.

Generating Meeting Interests

LinkedIn is notorious for an influx of sales messages, arriving uninvited into our inboxes. We want your messages to be seen and heard, and of course, translated into that all-important sales call. 

We do the groundwork to get the conversations going, which expectedly won’t happen on day 1. All good relationships need to be built in line with your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Once the connection is established, you have entered the sales funnel and we can get to know the FAN, let them know what value you can bring them and why you want to talk to them. 

We can only pretend to be you for so long, so we will hand over a lead once they are at the top of the funnel and are ready to talk to you.

We can’t predict exactly when meeting interests will occur, but it’s likely these will start trickling through in our ramp-up period in months 1-3 and may differ with your targeting batches in your bespoke LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Some of the strongest connections might take 6 months to a year to warm up – this is common. But the most important thing is that you’re putting your name out there and are one step closer to closing another deal.

Still Not Convinced?

We know how LinkedIn works and we would like to make it work for you too. Each client is completely different and we offer tailored solutions, including coaching and handheld guidance along the way. 

Drop us a line at [email protected] and you’re already a step closer than you were yesterday to refining your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and getting the right conversations going today.

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