Top 5 reasons why great conversations convert

Welcome to our Blog post. Here you will find a little of what we are about and what we do as a company. Our main aim is to build a good  solid connection with our customer and build a good work ethic, and this in itself will  lead to a successful partnership.

  1. Because it was not a generic sales message – something that stands out

I’m sure we all experience generic incoming connection requests. You can spot a copy and pasted message from a mile off. That’s ok – not every message will be completely unique, but an “I think it could be valuable to connect” will probably get lost. So play around with the message, maybe even reference the fact you don’t want to get lost in the incoming requests. Perhaps you can make a joke or reference something that only THEY would notice – which leads us to the next point…

  1. The messages are tailored to them specifically

This is something that we speak about a lot and it does translate into meetings. Before you start talking to someone you should know WHY you’re talking to them and WHAT value you can bring to them. By commenting on something specific to them, you can leverage this to gear the conversation toward a meeting.

  1. The conversation was informal enough

A general rule is that the LinkedIn message should be able to be viewed on a phone preview (or at least the main idea of the message). LinkedIn is not email, and that’s the beauty of it, so keep it informal. It will put the prospect at ease and make you look like a human and not a robotic salesperson. However, there is an alternative (next point).

  1. Because we mirrored the prospect

It’s time to read the room! If the prospect responds in an email-like format, do the same. We want to make them feel comfortable. Perhaps there’s even some psychological reasoning behind it but it might make them feel like they can associate themselves with you more??

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  1. We didn’t go straight for the sales ask – gained their trust

It could be a red flag if we ask to meet straight away. We haven’t gained their trust yet so take your time and nurture the conversation. Trust your instinct, if it doesn’t feel right, just wait!

  1. We listened as much as we spoke- Focus on your prospect, not on yourself

People love to talk about themselves – this is nothing new! So use this to your advantage and reason with the prospect. Listen to them, and comment on their latest work. Flattery can take you places!


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