What happens next? How to effectively nurture your clients

We can chase after prospects but once spoken to them, if they are not ready to buy just yet, they can often drop off the radar and feel unloved.

Back in the day we used to call it ‘plate spinning’ – book your follow ups in as CRM tasks between the time of your call and the time they will be ready to talk business.  Put the task as ‘plate spinning’, and at milestones there may be times you want to also update them on your company / product progress.  It is all about getting those tasks in while your conversation is recent.  You may also want to add ‘plate spin about TOPIC’ – a topic you know they’ll be interested in.

If they will be a dream client for you, consider writing an article, or adapting one that is particularly for them.

You can email from time to time, so that you are popping up as if something caught your eye that made you think of them.  It could be a news article (that you’ve purposely gone out to find), it could be an internal update, or an additional thought, diagram that might help etc.  This keeps you front of mind, helping out, and some of this info will get forwarded to colleagues, so always top it with a summary of where you were last time.  Most of these emails won’t be asking for a response. No CTA needed!

On LinkedIn here are some ideas:

  • If using sales navigator keep them saved in there, and check your homepage – give their posts some like/ support / comment to keep you front of mind
  • Plan a piece of content or post and make them aware of it.  Tag them in, or DM them with the content that they will get value from
  • Connect in to the colleagues and from time to time add a comment to their posts, build your relationship with more team members on LinkedIn is effective as it isn’t seen as jumping over your contacts head, but being helpful and supportive to your company – share the article written just for them

Don’t ‘check in’ for no reason, always be adding value.

When you get in touch start with where you are, as you understand it, so they can correct you if you’re understanding isn’t aligned

You can have a friendly chat to mention something you saw in a post, really liked what you shared about….  (without asking anything)

When the time is right for an update, be specific about what the chat will be about.

Each time you speak, repeat the follow up scheduling and perhaps add more relevant colleagues to your sales navigator tracking.


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