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Turn your employees
into advocates

Understand and engage with your target market at the "speed of social" with your employee networks

Turn your employees into advocates

Understand and engage with your target market at the speed of social with your employee networks

Why is Employee Advocacy

Important to your Business?

Half the world’s population (3.03 billion people) are on social media

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Employee networks are 10x larger than the company follower base

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Employee content is 3 times more trusted than content shared by Senior Management

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Employee shared content achieves a 2x higher click through rate than company shared content

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How can Employee Advocacy help your business?

It is 5x more expensive to acquire new business.

Why start building relationships with a cold audience, when you have a warm audience waiting for you as part of your LinkedIn network.

Click below to find out how employee advocacy can support you to gain traction with your key accounts.

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People buy from people they know, like, and trust:

Buyers trust their professional networks.

When looking for recommendations on products and services, an overwhelming majority of B2B buyers turn to their colleagues when narrowing down their list of options.

prefer to work with vendors recommended by someone they know
prefer to work with sales people recommended by someone they know
say their network is critical for checking references.
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Today Pitch 121 is based in London and Skopje. Everything we do is based on the insight that people don’t want to be cold sold to.

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of decision-makers say they NEVER respond to cold outreach

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of B2B buyers ALWAYS use social media to research vendors

Pitch121 is a lead nurturing service built on the philosophy of attraction based marketing. We can take your online LinkedIn presence and amplify it – that means:

  • A larger professional network
  • Influential and periodic LinkedIn posting
  • A soft social selling outreach campaign designed to position you as a LinkedIn thought leader

We want to help your best future clients find you easily. Click the below link to see exactly how!

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Creating Conversations that Convert

Get in touch with a member of the Pitch121 team.

Most marketing teams are tasked with a number of different marketing activities from content marketing to outreach and lead generation. Each with their own pro’s and con’s, but all with the same goal – to drive brand awareness, increase credibility and drive trust and to attract potential customers who want what you have to offer. Employee Advocacy is an extension of any marketing team, through the use of employee networks, a business can reach a wider audience, drive a higher connection rate and help Sales to build a pipeline of prospects who know, like and trust you.

Try our calculator just below to find out how many people you could potentially reach through LinkedIn using your employee network.

We know that it is 5x more expensive to acquire new business and with everybody cutting budgets and competing in similar channels, trying to capture the attention of their target audience, we also know that the route to a successful sales pipeline is to build one around people, who know, like and trust you – all easily achievable with an employee advocacy programme. We also know that as this is your employee advocacy programme designed for your business, the content that you create and share will be unique to your company and will far likely to be trusted when shared by members of your team to their networks.

Feel free to reach out and get in contact with a member of our team to explore how employee advocacy can support your business.

When attracting talent for your business you are looking for the right person to fit your team. Competition in terms of talent acquisition is fierce and you are competing against many different companies, offering different salaries, benefits and career progression – all with the objective to attract the best possible people to their business. Employee advocacy enables you to not only increase awareness of your brand, it places the voice of your team heart of the process. The very people who can share how fabulous your company is and who can use their network to help you recruit the best people for the role.

Feel free to reach out and get in contact with a member of our team to explore how employee advocacy can support your talent acquisition efforts.

Lets stay front of mind when collaborating with partners or exploring the possibilities of new partnerships. With the support of your employee network you are far likely to amplify the voice of your business, raise credibility and establish trust, whilst reaching a far wider audience than your budget or time might allow.

Try our calculator just below to find out how many people you could potentially reach through LinkedIn using your employee network.

People feel most comfortable and confident connecting to peers, so you might want to choose the equivalent job roles to the stakeholders you are targeting.  Tech roles connecting to your CTO, Marketing roles connecting to your Marketing Director and so on.  


You may want to lay the groundwork for your senior sales people by connecting them to multiple decision makers over time.  


Your main stakeholders will get to see several posts by different people in your company so their thinking is getting framed by your content and you become an obvious choice as a supplier or partner.  The more profiles we manage the intense and quicker you will gain awareness, and /or the more companies you can target.


Most important when choosing the profiles, we recommend to choose the individuals that are most eager to work with us to co-create posts, and are happy to provide access to their LinkedIn profile for the benefit of themselves and the business.

LinkedIn profile management provides businesses with the opportunity to:

  • Drive brand awareness 
  • Get known in new industries or new geographies
  • Grow and retain existing customers
  • Support, establish and nurture existing partnerships
  • Attract the best candidates to work in your business
  • Warm up target companies to make sales conversations easier
  • Provide opportunities to spark up conversations and set up calls


91% of senior execs say LinkedIn is a source of industry relevant content.  The majority of your customers, potential hires and existing employees use social media in some form, and LinkedIn is a popular platform for B2B networking. 

76% of buyers are ready to have a social media conversation with potential providers.

As a result platforms such as LinkedIn are fine tuning their algorithm towards building deeper network connections, relevant conversations and connections.

Personal profile management enables you to work with your employees to build their network and win new business in a way that resonates with your target audience.

LinkedIn profile management ensures that your content, when shared through an employee network, compounds over time. This often happens through LinkedIn reactions, comments or shares.

Every time you connect to somebody new, they will visit your feed and take a look through your posts. When you attend an online event or even comment on the post of somebody in your network, you are visible. Social Media continues to work hard for you – even when you are getting a good night’s sleep.

There is always a place for Paid Ads within a Marketing Strategy. The success of your paid ads will depend on your image or video, the copy that you use, what you are promoting and who you are targeting. And when all of the hard work of putting your Paid Ad together has reached a natural end – the Paid Ad will stop performing for you, right there and then – the moment the end date has been reached or when you hit “stop”

Paid Ads actually complement your organic LinkedIn activity, but if faced with a choice, choose the option that will compound and continue to work for you over and over again.

Your company page is just one page whereas if you also add your employees the network effect is much greater.  

If your employees work together to target the same list of target accounts then the intensity of the activity is magnified.

Very few companies have a process in place to make Linkedin work hard for them in this way.  You’ll stand out from competitors who struggle to get team members to spend the time on LinkedIn in the right way.

Because we know who our network works for and in which roles, we can be much more targeted, it is a much smarter, more efficient use ‘brand dollars’.

For employees:

  • Grow your professional network
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with potential partners, customers and future team members
  • Develop peer to peer relationships
  • Strengthen your personal LinkedIn brand
  • Advocate the company that you work for
  • Create exciting personal and professional opportunities
  • To help connect the company you work for with the very people who need the service or product that you have to offer

LinkedIn profile management is where a 3rd party, such as Pitch121 logs into your personal profile and posts ‘as you’. In order to get that content in front of your target audience, your profile is connecting to stakeholders at those agreed companies. Those stakeholders are saved in order to re-visit their profiles, like their posts to deepen the relationship and to keep your posts in their feed.

There is an opportunity to spark up conversations with these connections and get yourself onto a supplier lists and into pitches for work. As well as new business, it is an effective way to grow existing client revenue, attract better candidates and obtain new and nurture partnerships.

We would suggest working with members of your team who are best placed to connect and reach those in your target companies. We would also suggest that your team members are keen advocates for the business and willing to spend time with us so their network can raise the profile of the business.

Our fabulous Social Media Copywriters work with each managed profile as well as your marketing team to leverage your content, re-purpose or create new content which can then be amplified across your employee profiles.

Feel free to click on the get in touch buttons on this page and connect with our founder Laura Hannan

With over 820 million users on LinkedIn, we are pretty sure some of your target audience is hiding amongst this huge number.

Our team can take a sample review of your target market to understand the % active (ie. % who have posted in the last 30 days). It is important to engage those that are most active as they are more likely to engage on the platform, even if that means they refer you to the decision maker.

Remember, LinkedIn is just one part of the sales and marketing journey, and you will stand out be engaging and making relationships with the active people at your target companies rather than spamming the budget holder alongside your competitors.